Top 10 Rejected Event Ideas for The Green Light District Festival

The Top 10 “rejected” event ideas for the Green Light District Festival:

  1. Edible Eating Contest – How many milligrams can you consume in 10 minutes? Let us know how you feel in an hour!
  2. Puff, Pass & Paintball – Mix paintball with passing around, but who can aim when the giggles hit?
  3. The Great Bong Assembly Race – Contestants race to assemble a complex bong setup. First to finish and take a hit wins, but will anyone remember the rules?
  4. Hotbox Sauna Session – Turn a sauna into a giant hotbox. Last one sweating, wins!
  5. Weed Whack-a-Mole – Instead of moles, pop up giant buds. Good luck hitting the right one!
  6. Joint Rolling Relay – Teams compete in rolling the perfect joint, but they must pass the materials like a baton in a relay race.
  7. Hide and Seek, Scent Edition – Players must find hidden cannabis plants using only their nose.
  8. Baked Baking – Participants make edibles while consuming edibles. May the most coherent chef win!
  9. Synchronized Smoking – Teams perform choreographed routines that incorporate smoking tricks. Points for style and sync!
  10. Couch Lock Challenge – A race where everyone starts sitting on a couch… and most probably stays there.

Ok – We definitely don’t have any of those scheduled, but check out what we do have in store!

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